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Hi, I'm Gary Johnson, Financial Consultant

Gary Johnson is a native of San Francisco, California. Growing up, he developed an affinity for numbers and studied business administration in college whilst beginning a career in banking and finance. Prior to the completion of college, he taught English for a year in a foreign country, which inspired him to find his true calling - helping and educating others, especially in matters of finance. 

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Hi, I'm Gary Johnson, Financial Literacy Advocate Regarding:


Maintaining control of your own resources is by far the most viable plan of action regarding resource

management, especially if you're responsible.


Money problems that exist within a marriage can be attributed to both spouses, however, the consumer-minded individual seems to be the culprit in most cases.


Securing one's resources can be accomplished by adapting a clear understanding of safe and prudent models that focuses on Saving and Investing.


Retiring comfortably can occur after a person has attained Financial Independence and by determining the most ideal lifestyle that satisfies their particular needs and desires.

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Eliminating Debt by employing a model consisting of 7 components

Restoring and Building Credit by following 4 simple steps and promoting credit building strategies

Real Estate Investing by taking advantage of the many ways to acquire property with limited resources 

Significantly Reducing your Tax Liability by effectively utilizing tax codes

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 "I was able to increase my Credit Score from 535 to 770 in just 3 months.  I now sit at 787 awaiting to be catapulted into the 800's.  Thank you Gary Johnson for providing me with a strong sense of direction at no cost"!!!

Tony S.

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Flexible and Committed

“Thank you Gary Johnson for educating me on how to negotiate settlements. My Credit Score has increased and my debt has decreased.  You're the best"!!!!!!!!!! 

Pearl S.

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Creative & Resourceful

“I'm grateful to have purchased your book and simply elated to now have a viable plan for building Net Worth while Saving and Investing for my future"!!!!!!!

Sally Ann

Graduate Student

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