Gary Johnson is a native of San Francisco, California. Growing up, he developed an affinity for numbers and studied business administration in college whilst beginning a career in banking and finance. Prior to the completion of college, he taught English for a year in a foreign country, which inspired him to find his true calling - helping and educating others, especially in matters of finance. 

While initiating a campaign of real estate investing in several states, he realized his passion for teaching and the desire to help others achieve the "American Dream." This has brought him a considerable degree of fulfilment. Through extensive knowledge and experience, he advises and emphasizes for clients to build strong credit, regulate indebtedness, and accumulate resources in order to help pave the way to financial independence. 

It is his hope that these tangible methods can be of help to others like they were for him. Johnson attributes much of his success to his mother, father, and seven siblings, whom he says have supported him greatly in his endeavors and encouraged him to lead a life of serving others

Organized and Efficient

“I was able to increase my Credit Score from 535 to 770 in just 3 months. I now sit at 787 awaiting to be catapulted into the 800's.  Thank you Gary Johnson for providing me with a strong sense of direction at no cost"!!!

Tony S.

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